Answering some of the most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is ‘Rejoice In Motion’?

A: Rejoice in Motion is a health and wellness initiative run by me, Manasi Iyer. It is not an organization but an individual initiative.

Q2: Who runs ‘Rejoice in Motion’?

A: Everything is run & managed by me, including all the workshops & individual sessions as well as collaborations with corporates, NGOs & any other organizations.

Q3: How do I sign up or get more information about a workshop?

A: You can drop an email regarding any query that you have, regarding any in-person/online workshop or 1:1 session. That is the best way to get in touch with me.

Q4: I have physical limitations, will I be able to participate in a Dance Movement Therapy Workshop?

A: Dance Movement Therapy does not discriminate on physical limitations. I’ve conducted specifically tailored workshops and sessions to cater to specific populations. Also, most of the general workshops and sessions are also facilitated, taking into consideration the abilities and limitations of participants from various backgrounds.

Q5: I represent an organization/institute/NGO. Do you offer one-off sessions?

A: Yes, I do work with organizations & institutes and offer one-off sessions or a series of fixed number of sessions, depending on the requirement your organization has and what the target group of participants is.

Q6: I am already in therapy with another therapist, can I still experience Dance Movement Therapy?

A: Absolutely! You can include Dance Movement Therapy as an add-on and adjunct to your already ongoing healing journey with other therapists. Dance Movement Therapy is an expressive form of psychotherapy, where we use body-based tools to deal with issues & improve overall well-being.

Q7: Do you offer ‘Free’ or ‘Trial’ sessions?

A: A lot of time, effort & work goes into facilitating an in-person or online session/workshop. At the moment, unless specifically stated, I do not offer Dance Movement Therapy sessions for free. As such, my work is always reasonably priced, keeping in mind the participation of people from all backgrounds & locations. For any free resources or information regarding Dance Movement Therapy or me, you can check out my Instagram Page- https://www.instagram.com/rejoice_in_motion/?hl=en which has a lot of helpful videos and posts.

Q8: Are you open to ‘observership’ from Dance Movement Therapy students?

A: At the moment, I am unable to open my work for observership/internship for Dance Movement Therapy students. Most of the participants in my workshops & sessions prefer it be a private setting, including the corporate/institutional collaborations, especially if it is a sensitive age group like elderly, teens, differently-abled population, etc. I constantly strive to make my work a safe space for participants to express themselves, without any fear of judgement or any worry of their privacy being breached. If you wish to experience Dance Movement Therapy and what a session entails, you are always welcome to be a participant!