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Let’s Talk About: Expressive Arts & Dance Therapy with Charvi Budheo

Hello everyone! It’s February already & 2021 is speeding by! We do have lots more coming on the site so keep a watch! Today I am featuring another guest on the website!

Today we have with us Charvi Budheo. Charvi holds a diploma in Dance Movement Therapy from TISS, a certification in Intermodal Expressive Arts from Swahansa Expressive Arts Institute India and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy from European Graduate School, Switzerland. She is the founder of The Movement Spectrum, an initiative that works diligently in the field of expressive arts. She is driven to make safe, non-judgemental and non-competitive spaces with the arts in the centre, more easily accessible. Her work spreads out to various fields ranging from corporations, educational institutions, NGOs and organisations as well as private clients.

Charvi Budheo

Through this interview, I intend to bring more awareness & information on the work and thoughts of a Dance Movement Therapist/Expressive Arts Therapist.

Here are a few questions, answered by Charvi:

Q. What prompted you to venture into Dance/Expressive Arts Therapy?
A. I have been dancing since I was 6 years old, as I was growing up I started to realize that dance is a safe space for me and I would like to share that with people. After realizing that although I may have done my graduation in Fashion, I would like to give my passion a shot. That’s how I decided to do the diploma in Dance Movement Therapy from TISS followed by a certification in Expressive Arts and am currently I am pursuing my Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy.

Q. If you could explain your work in a metaphor….
A. I think my work is equivalent to what breath is, easy, rhythmic, natural to humans and the thing that fills life into the living.

Q. How do you personally use Dance/Movement/Expressive Arts Therapy in your life?
I find myself moving often when I need to express anything or process anything. Visual art and writing are also integral tools in my self-care regime. I use these tools to centre myself, to let go of pent up emotions, to comfort myself, to make sense of something, etc.

Q. How do you think could people use Dance Therapy/ Expressive Arts in their personal development journey?
I think most of my sessions speak about this towards the end, how can participants use the tools we explored for their own well-being. I think people can use these tools for various purposes in their lives for e.g. self-awareness, when feeling anxious, to build a connection with their bodies, to express, to communicate better, etc.

Q. What are some of your most cherished moments as a Dance/Expressive Arts Therapist?
It’s when clients reach out to me outside of the sessions, that they were able to use some of the tools by themselves. This independence is what I strive for. When the message that- “The arts are easily available to all of us, we just have to extend our hands and reach out to them” gets translated to action.

Q. What are some of the hurdles you have faced in your journey?
The biggest hurdle I am facing currently is to make people see the benefits of Expressive Arts. Even though some of them understand in theory, they rarely show up for it.

Q. How do you think Dance Therapy can be made more mainstream in India?
The only way of doing it by continuing to do the doing. If our entire fraternity just keeps believing in the practice and showing up for it, it will eventually reach places. The instant gratification that we are so accustomed to doesn’t exist in our field, so no matter if one client shows up each month – the only way to make people see dance therapy and expressive arts therapy is by doing our bit of doing.

Q. Do you think the COVID-19 pandemic has changed anything professionally for you?
I think what it’s done is it has strengthened my belief in the field. During the lockdown, so many people showed up for sessions and expressed that never before have they gotten so much time to look after themselves, this eventually dissipated as work resumed online but I saw a glimpse of the true potential of the field in the lives of the others.

Q. What would you like to say to people who are curious about Dance/Expressive Arts Therapy and want to attend a session?
More often than ever most things seem daunting in our heads; like the first time we thought of cycling or swimming. It is really about taking that first step – choosing something for yourself and from then on, the journey only gets more and more comfortable and fulfilling.

Q. 3 core values/intentions you would like to share?
1.Meeting people with empathy
2. Developing healthy boundaries for our own well being
3. Showing up consistently to the things we believe in

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Interview by: Dr. Manasi Anand (PT) Physiotherapist & Dance Movement Therapist.

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